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Sunday Slump

Sunday SlumpBecause it’s Sunday:

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Sunday Slump

The competition both within the Free TV arena and against Pay TV is hotting up. Changes are constantly being made to prime time line ups and broadcast rights to get the edge over competitors. This week has seen Channel Ten question its own model and make changes to match the new broadcast environment, but many questions over the future of TV in Australia remain.

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Sunday Slump

The results of the NSW election are almost finalised. Now we can take a look at how representative the results are. Have your say…

NSW Votes 2011: Legislative Council

NSW Election 2011: Legislative CouncilThe results for the 2011 NSW Election are finalised – and the Legislative Council seats have been decided. Below the 21 seats decided this election are set out, with an image of each member (where available). Click on the members’ images to link through to more information about them. See the Legislative Assembly results here.

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Sunday Slump

The NSW election has been decided in historic fashion – but where to from here? What challenges will the new Coalition government face – and how long will it take Labor to recover. Let us know what you think. Have your say…

NSW Votes 2011: Legislative Assembly

NSW Election 2011After 16 years in Government in New South Wales – this election has long been predicted to be the one to bring an end to Labor’s reign. It was far from a close contest – but that doesn’t mean that all of the seats were easily decided. Scroll down to see which candidates were successful and click on the member’s image to view their profiles. See the Legislative Council results here. Read this post…

Earth Hour 2011

A Notion by Super Opinion

Earth HourTomorrow is Earth Hour. As the news tomorrow will mostly be full of New South Wales election coverage, I wanted to get in early to voice my support for Earth Hour, and to fend off some of the criticisms that come out to play each year.

The first and perhaps greatest criticism of Earth Hour is the inability of one hour of darkness to have any effect on global warming. If you view the hour as a standalone event, it is true that very little impact on global greenhouse gas emissions will occur as a result of the event. The point however, is that Earth Hour is not simply an attempt to have one hour of efficient power use out of the approximately 8,766 hours in a year. Have your say…